Novi HIGHTOP HT20-1 mini bager

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Model HT20-1
Tip mini bager
Godina proizvodnje 2023
Neto težina 2000 kg
Lokacija Kina Shandong
Datum objavljivanja 18 ožu 2023
Machineryline ID YK33157
Moguća kupnja na rate
Dubina kopanja 2.45 m
Dubina kopanja 2450 mm
Radijus kopanja 4.37 m
Visina istovara 2.29 m
Ukupne dimenzije 4.17 m × 1.3 m × 2.28 m
Volument žlice 0.1 m³
Kutija za alate
Marka Kubota
Snaga 14.7 kW (20 k.s.)
Gorivo dizel
Euro Euro 5
Širina staza 230 mm
Gumene gusjenice
Dodatna oprema
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Dodatne informacije
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Dodatne informacije — Novi HIGHTOP HT20-1 mini bager

1.Rubber wheels:
Retractable shoes and steel shoes are optional

2.Front window can open and close

3.Quick hitch:
It can be easy to change any accessory of excavator.

4. Temperature adjustment
The purpose of temperature regulation is to keep the air of the cab at a proper temperature. For the room temperature, it is generally suitable to keep it at 25-27℃ in summer and 18-20℃ in winter.

5. Air flow adjustment
Temperature adjustment can only be achieved by air flow. Therefore, air flow adjustment cannot be ignored in air conditioning. Air flow adjustment and distribution directly affect the use of air conditioning systems.

6. Air cleanliness adjustment
There are harmful gases and dust in the air to varying degrees, and they can easily enter the trachea, lungs and other organs with human breathing. These dusts often carry bacteria and spread various diseases. Therefore, it is very necessary to filter the air in the air conditioning process.
Purification methods are: ventilation, filtration, adsorption, absorption, etc.

Open the battery power, insert key into starter, turn the key anticlockwise to first gear, engine is preheated. Turn the key clockwise to middle position, then turn the key clockwise to start the engine, Please remove your hand off the key after engine is started.

It shows water temperature, battery capacity, total working time, front lamp, work lamp, charging indication and Engine oil pressure.

Technical parameters:

Emission Standard:Euro5/ EPA
Engine Model :KUBOTA
Power/Rotation speed:14.1kw(20HP)2000rpm
Optional Engine :China Laidong 22.1kw,2300rpm
Number of cylinder :3
Maximum :Travel speed 3.5km/h
Width of track shoe(Rubber & steel track):230mm
Number of track shoe per side(Steel track only):38 pcs
Number of upper roller per side:0
Number of bottom roller per side:4
Standard bucket capacity:0.1m³
Swing speed:12rpm
Max. Grade ability:30°
Max. Bucket digging force:15.3KN
Max. Arm digging force:10.5KN
Hydraulic system pressure:18Mpa
Machine weight:2000kg
Arm length:1000mm
Overall dimension (L*W*H):4170mm*1300mm*2280mm
Axle base(Track length on ground):1230mm
Track gauge:1070mm
Min.Ground clearance:230mm
Swing radius at tail:1180mm
Max. Digging height:3700mm
Max. Dumping height:2290mm
Max. Digging depth 2450mm
Max. Vertical digging depth:2160mm
Max. Digging radius:4370mm
Min .swing radius:2020mm
Max. Lifting height of blade:240mm
Max. Cutting depth of blade:310mm
Boom swing angle(Left) 75°
Boom swing angle(Right):45°

HT20-1 mini crawler excavator is flexible and are suitable for house maintenance, pipeline openings and other infrastructure construction excavation work.
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